The Chase

Acrylic on canvas, sealed yarn & burlap, vinyl

Over the years I have used ideas and images from my past works to inspire new work. As I began a set of new paintings for an upcoming gallery show, I chose an early LiShinault work called “StarBite” featuring a minimal color palette as well as fairly simple design to ‘re-do’. Most everything about the new painting was planned to be the same, except for reversing the image. The newer painting is this one here... “(The) Chase.

Both paintings have the silhouette of a pack of running dogs chasing red balls with star designs. The figure of a goat-type creature in the forefront juts in from the side with one of the red star balls in its mouth. After all was painted and stitched together I turned each painting sideways and allowed a few drips of paint to ‘race’ each other horizontally across.

There are obvious differences in the two paintings, but the intention was not meant to replicate the past, but rather to ‘enjoy’ a bit of re-creating the past.

When I make a painting like this (which is a bit of a reach from the detailed figurative paintings), it is a way to ‘stretch and breathe’ and learn from the ways of the abstract and minimal artists that I so much love and admire, and in the end, I am ready to embark on more detailed figurative work.