Oil with acrylic on canvas, gold leaf, copper leaf, collaged areas

In my original drawing, she was completely nude, except for a lovely headband. For me, often times the clothing helps tell a story. I 'decorated' her with a pale green slip-like dress, and costume jewelry…. Almost like playing dress-up except on canvas.
Her left arm originally was lying relaxed on her hip, but I wanted more, so I ‘lifted’ the arm, and placed an imaginary bird head ‘puppet’ on her hand. I like to imagine the she is using the bird to help her tell stories….. She is in her own made-up world surrounded by soft breeze blowing through palm leaves, with jeweled pebbles scattered on the ground underneath her lounging pillow.

This work is different than many of my others because I left out stitching and burlap, etc., and allowed my collaged paper instinct to kick in with the pebble groundwork and bird head, mostly made from collaged paper, giving it properties beyond what paint could do in my opinion.