Music at Time Home

Oil on canvas, gold leaf, sealed yarn & burlap, wood

“Music at Time Home“ is a painting about being inspired by music. For me, listening to music while painting has a trance-like effect, which is represented by the woman in this work. The clock on her head and the numbers floating in the background represent the timeless feeling of being in a trance—the moment where time seems to stand still and past and present merge. The clothing and boots are reminiscent of a bygone era while the adoring dog grounds the woman in the living present. The tiny singer, held delicately in the woman’s lap, serenades the woman who sits staring forward, emotionally fixated on the music, gazing into the distance—the future perhaps? This painting began as a bust of a woman with a clock on her head. I chose to cut out certain areas and add others in—the dog, the clothing and the singer. I purposely emphasized edited portions with bold black yarn stitching. Attached at the top is a signboard bearing the title, “Music at Time Home”.