Women Apart

Oil on canvas, yarn, burlap, goldleaf, wood
One of four of the earliest ‘Difficult Women’ themed paintings. The four paintings began as one large canvas of paper doll style women. The arms sticking straight out bothered me from the start, so I decided they would each be individual paintings, but first I cut the arms off of each one.
A mantra was going through my head at the time: “Difficult women stay apart, women apart stay difficult.”
I decided to use the words for each of the four titles.
“Women Apart” was the third of the four works. Her eyes are barely visible, and she has long red gloves (which are throughout all four paintings) draped around her shoulders as if she is a mannequin….no feet, she is somewhat hanging from a string on display in her. The hands hold a pair of strung together wings….remnants of a sweet bluebird, or a fallen angel.