Lisa Shinault (aka LiShinault)
creates story-like works of grace and somber beauty.  She paints small to large-scale works across a variety of media that include mostly feminine figures and animals.  Iconic imagery, naïve art, and paper dolls are major influences. Some of her newest work, the "Dressing Room" series is interactive with multiple ways in which to be viewed. 

Lisa Shinault

Artist Bio

Artist Lisa Shinault is an Atlanta-based, multidisciplinary painter. She often uses a portmanteau of her name, LiShinault, to represent her artist alter ego. Her primary work involves large scale multi-piece paintings, showcasing imaginary feminine figures often combined with birds and other animals to create a sublime, surreal twist. Her most recent work explores her fascination with rearrangement and adornment, depicting interactive figures on shaped wood panels which she describes as giant paper dolls. She works in a variety of media, creating painted works on stitched canvas and burlap, collage, ceramic tile, mosaic, and reverse glass painted collage. She earned a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has lived in and exhibited primarily in Georgia. Her work has appeared in solo and group exhibitions at Raymond Lawrence Gallery, 378 Gallery, Swan Coach House, and Mint Gallery. She is a Hambidge Center Artist Residency Fellow and has received grants supporting her work from The Judith Alexander Foundation and The Atlanta Contemporary’s Nexus Fund. Her work is held privately, including in the collections of King and Spalding LLP; Ossabaw Island Foundation; the online art news outlet, Arts ATL; writer and art critic, Jerry Cullum; singer-songwriter Chan Marshall aka Cat Power; Puddles Pity Party & Company; and digital editing boutique, Guillotine Post.

On occasion, she designs scenery for, and assists renowned photographer Chris Verene with his 'Self Esteem Salon exhibits including Fay Gold Gallery, and New York based Gramercy Contemporary Art Fair. 

Lisa lives in Decatur, GA., and maintains a studio at Little Tree Studios in Avondale Estates, GA as well as a home studio.  Appointments can be requested by email with Lisa to see her work in person: [email protected]

More words about my artwork themes:
"A mannequin model job in a small town women’s clothing store overlooking a parking lot swayed my interest in painting mostly nature scenes to instead, the adorned human figure with removed or added parts. I edit painted figures on canvas by cutting selected areas out to sew together with other elements into new juxtapositions.
The freedom to cut apart and put together has evolved into a new series of work called "Dressing Room" which is inspired by paper dolls using wood panel as a base for near life size figures instead of paper. I create interactive outfits for the figure on a main panel. By way of a hidden hook, each outfit adorns the base figure and also exhibits apart as a separate artwork.
The outfits mostly take the form of a dress, but others are more of a costume resembling birdlike symbolic creatures that transform the figure to expose a spiritual alter ego from nature." - LiShinault

See "Salt" from the "Dressing Room" series in action at this link by pressing the red highlighted title, or go to this link:

In addition, the interactive element I have been working with has crossed over to other works that feature ducks such as the two-in-one painting on shaped wood panel entitled "Lovely Duck Silver Lake" which can be seen in action at this link (press the title in red highlight): 
"Lovely Duck Silver Lake"
Other info links: 

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