Beautiful Women

“Beautiful Women” is from a period of time just after I made the first several works from the “Difficult Women” series. This is also part of that series, which is a symbolic LiShinault theme about people who find other ways to get by and rise above after dealing with 'difficult' problems of life.
In her doll-like world, her red-gloved ‘arms’ rest sweetly secured at each side while she stands prim and petite looking demurely away.
This one, like many others, has a dress of collaged newsprint…..obsessively chosen bits of newsprint.
When nearing completion, I went for a walk outside my then studio in Cabbagetown of Atlanta, where I knew I could find a nice scrap of wood around the corner. I attached it above her head and gave her a title. “Beautiful Women”….it is in plural form because it represents so many.

*A detail of "Beautiful Women" is available as a pendant. See further details at this website by looking at the LiShinault Jewelry gallery page.