WildCard Hula

Reverse glass paint and collage, glitter

“WildCard Hula” is one of many small works made in reference to the original “Hula” LiShinault larger oil painting from 1999.

“Hula” was a break-out piece of joy and celebration, and also an important work from the ‘Difficult Women’ series. The smaller renditions of “Hula” are fondly referred to as the “Hula Cousins”. Each of them in one way or another has borrowed the body of ‘Hula’, and made it their own.

For “WildCard Hula”, the arms and torso sproing wildly outward attached to a bouncing spiral ‘wire’. She dances, yet with a look of caution. Her bikini top features a smiley / frowny face design. The frown face represents those who have been stricken with breast cancer. In her case, she has overcome, but the scars are permanent. Her legs have multiplied because she represents many.

She dances to celebrate life