Apart II

Fired and mounted ceramic tile with selectively broken mosaic areas

"Apart II" is another in the 'Difficult Women' series.
I used an earlier painting as a model….In this case I somewhat repainted “Apart” (oil on canvas) using paint glazes on ceramic tile. It is much smaller than the original, and the subject matter was dealt with in lighter tones. When I work with paint glazes on ceramic tile, the images appear bright and cartoon-like….fine with me, I can use more simplicity.
The story behind this piece is much like the original, but more about things in general than relationships. The young lady looks back to her past. Ahead of her are symbols of a bright future. The goat represents the good forces, those of friends she encounters who help her on her path.
The tiles were painted first, then purposely broken in various areas, with textured mosaic elements.