“GoldFish” n/a
Hand painted and fired underglaze on ceramic tile grouted onto wood frame
16.5”H X 4.5”W
“GoldFish” was my first tall lady on ceramic tile that had her dress made into a sea of fish. When I make art involving fish, I typically loosen up and allow them to be funny, strange, or abstract. Often, when I work with underglaze paint on ceramic tile, the outcome results in brighter color than my paintings in other media, so I allow myself to show a more graphic, less serious side. I call this one “GoldFish” because of the golden, spiraled hair of the little lady holding her cat, although there are also more than one goldfish swimming within her dress.
After this piece, I made more ceramic tile women with fish dresses, and also began using fish more and more as a main subject theme.