Oil on canvas, sealed yarn, burlap, wood, goldleaf

This painting is a cornerstone for LiShinault art. The main subject is a self portrait of an earlier period. This was a 'Lisa' from '89-'91. She looks back in the direction of her first 'serious relationship', which was full of good, yet also 'not so good' experiences, those which often accompany young naive 'love'. Ahead of her are symbols of a happier future. The goat represents the good forces, those of friends she encounters who help her get back onto a more positive path. She is also being led (on skates) into a path of stars and sunflowers, representing her future love.
"Apart" is pieced together in the traditional 'Difficult Women' style...re-attached arms....these are in place using red veil gloves.
In short, "Apart" tells the story of a broken hearted young lady, who finds her path toward happiness through the help of friends and future love...and she is still following that lovely path.